“You Are Stronger Than You Think” 5th Annual Women’s Conference Mar. 9

I noticed a repeat of information in my description that I submitted. Could you please replace it to read this (as corrected):
You Are Stronger Than You Think is a premier personal growth conference for go-getter women and teen girls!
It’s time for His brilliance to be revealed through you! Join hundreds of women from across the world who will spend the day uncovering their true brilliance!

*WOMANHOOD: Uncover a process of transformation that helps all other areas of your life grow.

*WORK: Activate your experience, skills and talents for the benefit of those you’re called to love and lead.

*WORSHIP: Go deeper in your relationship with God and cultivate greater intimacy with others.

*A chance to win $1,000 in the #StartStrongContest (www.startstrongcontest.com).

Grab your seats TODAY at www.StrongerThanYouThink.com!