Our Move To San Pedro, Belize (Ambergris Caye)

After visiting San Pedro Belize a month ago, we instantly fell in love. The views of San Pedro island breathtaking. The beauty is that of a Hallmark postcard, unbelievable. By weekend’s end, we quickly decided that we will be moving from San Ignacio, Belize to San Pedro (Ambergris Caye).

As I sit here this Monday morning on the patio of Blue Water Beach Villas (Air BnB) listening to a couple of coconuts fall from two different Palms trees, I realize Tami and I are truly blessed for this wonderful life we so much desired. We were truly fortunate to meet such humble people and we enjoyed our past 2 months in San Ignacio, but on this Monday, we are happy to call San Pedro our home.

On Oct. 26, 2018, we decided to ship (Tropic Air) our larger size luggage to San Pedro (cost $206.00 BZD 103.00 USD) of course the price is based on the weight of your luggage. (cost of one way trip from San Ignacio to San Pedro (210.00 BZD $155.00 USD per person.)

The following day we decided to move to San Pedro via Tropic Air. To be honest I am not a fan of small airplanes. Tami and I assumed we were flying on a 7 to 10 passenger airplane, but one of the airport desk clerks explained there was only one flight leaving the airport that day and it was our flight, so a smaller airplane was recommended.

After hearing we were the only passengers flying to San Pedro, anxiety came over me. About 20 minutes later a small 4 seat (including the pilot) Tropic airplane landed. My first response was wow! I was really nervous. The airplane seemed smaller on the inside, two bucket seats in the front and two in the back seat. I am not claustrophobic, but at the moment I was really bothered by the lack of space in this airplane.

Our Move To San Pedro, Belize (Ambergris Caye)

As soon as the airplane lifted off. I instantly felt nauseous. It reminded me of a roller coaster ride (and yes I am terrified of riding those as well) I asked Tami to pass me the motion sickness bag as my stomach started to toss and turn.

There, I soon found out that smaller airplanes were just not for me. Being confined in a small space, thousands of feet in the air is not something that I can handle. As you see in the pic. I was squirming with my eyes closed throughout the whole short 45 to 50- minute trip lol.

On the other hand, Tami was cool as the other side of the pillow. The few times I opened my eyes, I saw Tami snapping photos and taking in the whole Caribbean scenery. She was really loving every minute of our trip to San Pedro.

Besides all of my nervousness, the trip was really smooth. We even arrived to the Tropic Airport in San Pedro a tad early.  After getting off the Tropic Air airplane and gathering my shaky legs. We were greeted with exceptional customer service. Everyone at Tropic Air was so helpful and attentive to our needs.

Our Cargo that was shipped from the previous day were on time ready and to be picked up. Tami was nervous about our cargo being safely delivered from San Ignacio to San Pedro, so she was really impressed.

The next day I noticed my yoga mat was missing. I explained to Tami that I think the employees forgot to take it out of the airplane. Later that evening we received a call from Tropic Air, letting us know that they have our yoga mat and we can pick it up the next day.

Once we arrived to Tropic Air the next day, we noticed one of the employees secured my yoga mat with a black plastic wrapping material, which was appreciated. We enjoyed our experience with Tropic Air. Everything was suitable and went accordingly. All of Tami’s doubts were answered with professionalism and efficiency.  Kudos to Tropic Air.