Genesis Birthing & Living “Materni-TEA” Feb. 23

Are you pregnant and feeling overwhelmed by the labor & delivery process?

Do you find yourself wondering:

“How do I have a SAFE, COMFORTABLE, STRESS-FREE pregnancy, labor and delivery experience?”
“What do I do about LABOR PAIN?!”
“How do I avoid an unplanned C-section?”

“Should I get an induction?”
“Do I REALLY need a doula?”

“Should I go with a midwife or an OB?

“Should I birth in a hospital?”

“Is it safe to GIVE BIRTH AT


I have been right where you are and I UNDERSTAND!

I have had 3 babies of my own–1 in RURAL MISSISSIPPI where options are LIMITED or flat out NON-EXISTENT, and the last 2 in a new state over 1,400 miles away from all family and friends.

For black women, who are 3-4 times MORE LIKELY to struggle through pregnancy, labor, and birth, achieving a happy and healthy experience is HARD.

THIS IS WHY Genesis Birthing & Living exists!

Not only do I have PERSONAL experience to help you SUCESSFULLY navigating labor and delivery, but I have been helping other women do the same since 2014.

I am a proud Shafia Monroe (formerly ICTC) CERTIFIED Full Circle Doula.  I completed my training in Opelousas, Louisiana in the home of Devin Nicholas, founder of Divine Birth Wisdom and Community Birth Companion; and my training was facilitated by New Orleans native, certified nurse midwife, and doula trainer, Nicole Deggins founder of Sista Midwife Productions.

I am also a Community Doula with South Phoenix Healthy Start!

If you are a new or expecting mom wanting to approach you upcoming, or your next labor and delivery with more confidence and assurance, this is the event for you.

Tickets are LIMITED and EARLY BIRD pricing expires February 8, 2019.
Secure your spot today!

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Shayla Brown
Genesis Birthing and Living, PLLC.