Food, Booze & Blues: Food Tasting Event Feb. 10

It’s the soul that needs food. Food, Booze & BluesA Love Jones Vibe.

This night will be filled with poetic prose, song & dance appreciating, uplifting & admiring every woman. R&B, Jazz & Soulful tunes along with delicious tastes of Autumn by one of my favorites cooks: Alissa Warren & her food catering service ‘The Black Fork‘. This event is her second food tasting & if you came out to ‘Eat & Speak’ then you know Whats up! You can expect ‘The Black Fork‘ to bring you a quality food & drink menu – Soul Food centered, touching your spirit & your taste buds simultaneously.

The evening will begin with a cocktail hour where our guests can head to the bar and enjoy Wine, Booze & their favorite cocktail. During this hour we want our guests to drink, eat, mingle and get into the vibes. ‘The Black Fork’ will have Entrees & Appetizers for you all to enjoy during this time.

We will then start our performances for the evening, ending with a very special performance by Charlotte Lee herself & professional ballet dancer Tara Smith.

& after the party, it’s the after-party! Turn-up time! An event by Discover Her Essence is not an event unless we all let loose. Don’t just leave after the performances, enjoy more delicious food to taste, drinks to sip & did I mention that we will have the BEST R&B tunes you remember from that time you were 11 & shouldn’t have been singing “Too Close”? LOL!

We hope to make this night as amazing as we envision it to be & hope you all come out! Be sure to get your tickets while you can!