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When choosing the best hair extension for short hair, be realistic. When having cut your hair too short and you do not have anywhere to attach the extension wait for your hair to grow because there is no way you can glue the extension to your scalp. This can bring many complications. However, if your hair is near your shoulders in length it will be very easy to add hair extensions using any of your favorite methods.                   Ribbet-collage13

Hair extensions have many options like clip-in, glue-in, or sew-in. All these kinds of hair extensions are available in your local beauty store in either natural or synthetic hair. If you have never bought extension hair before, it is good to use clip-in because they are the easiest and risk free choosing. Natural human hair extension is the best, because it can be styled with hot tools, but synthetic hairs will be impossible to use in short hair because it cannot be blended with hot tools, it will be burned.

There are types of hair extensions for short hair that are glued or fused with heat. It is however very tedious to glue strands of hair to short hair, but it looks very natural if the stylist is well experienced. If the stylist is not well versed, there will be traces of glue in your hair. Fusion is the best method to add extensions in small hair, but it is very expensive.

People who have short hair should avoid clip-on hair extension and weaves. These two methods work better for people. These methods are, however, the cheapest, but their results are not satisfying when applied on short hair. Before you select on the kind of hair extension you would like for your short hair, it is good to consider the color of your own hair and the length of your extension.

If you select very long extensions for your short hair, the weight might be too much for your short hair. On the other hand, if you choose an extension whose color is far from your natural hair, the line where the natural hair ends and your extension starts will obviously show. This makes it easy for people to see that you have added extensions to your hair. Choosing the best hair extension for short hair is easy once you follow the above guidelines.

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SHORT HAIR CUTS FOR BLACK WOMENhttp://urbaneventsaz.com/short-hair-cuts-for-black-women/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=short-hair-cuts-for-black-women http://urbaneventsaz.com/short-hair-cuts-for-black-women/#comments Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:39:16 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12330 images (7)

Let’s face it, short haircuts are not only sexy on women but mainly, they’re so easy to maintain.  Although black hair care and hair care products have come such a long way, many black women have not only been wearing their hair naturally but short as well and it looks good!  It is also a simple solution to the same age-old problem many of us may still have.

It’s funny how the economy has affected even the simplest things in our lives.  Having the means to go to the hair salon every two weeks or as often as needed has become a challenge for some.  Standing in front of the mirror doing your own is not only time consuming but also tiring when you have long hair.  There are other challenges black women face: trusting someone to do your hair right or the way you want it; moving to a new city/state where black hair care and/or products are almost impossible to find; finding someone who truly knows what they’re doing or losing your one and only hairstylist.  Black women also do not have the luxury of going to just any hair stylist or salon.  No wash and go here.  Some or all of these challenges have moved black women away from caring about having that super straight, long hair look into something more manageable, sexy yet stylish and also very professional, all in one.

Now some women don’t wear short hair well, some are afraid to go short and some are forced to be short or have no hair at all but how wonderful it is for black women to have the versatility and variety and to have come as far as we have.

There are so many short hairstyles to choose from; short, wild, funky or elegant and many variations such as the “short bob,” the “blunt bob,” the “asymmetrical bob” and the “angled bob.”  There’s the short “spiky” look, short “curly” look and the “wavy” look to only name a few.

Whatever the style, whatever the choice, whatever the reason, you wear it well!

Anisa Stedmire, Owner/President
More Time Office Solutions, Your Virtual Personal Assistant
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13 Simple Hair loss tips that worked for mehttp://urbaneventsaz.com/13-simple-hair-loss-tips-that-worked-for-me/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=13-simple-hair-loss-tips-that-worked-for-me http://urbaneventsaz.com/13-simple-hair-loss-tips-that-worked-for-me/#comments Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:25:05 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12318 images (6)

They always say not to rub your hair dry. This is a common one. We have mentioned a few practices you can follow that will help reduce your hair fall prominently. Some of these things that will help:

  • Be soft on your wet hair. It is advisable not to rub your hair dry and avoid combing through them. Your hair is prone to breaking when wet, and soon you will have a bunch of falling hair and regret.

  • Clean your combs as using a dirty comb is one of the reasons that lead to hair loss as well. Taking a bath or shampooing each week is necessary to control hair loss.

  • Massaging the scalp regularly stimulates the blood flow which in turn promotes the growth of hair , better health and less hair loss

  • Expose your hair to a minimum of heat treatment as you can. The heat makes the shaft dry, which leads to dry and frizzy hair. Over a period of time, your hair turns brittle which will ultimately result in hair loss.

  • Use cold water or water at room temperature instead of hot water. If you have dry and frizzy hair when you walk out of the shower, it means the water was too hot for your hair.

  • Instead of opting for an boutique parlor treatment, use natural products that are safe and produce no side effects

  • You have always heard about this cliché’ that when you are healthy inside will your hair be healthy too. This is true. There are a few things you can add to your diet. Proteins are essential along with the vitamin group that includes Vitamin A, B complex, C, and E. Vitamin B is most popularly known for its importance in the hair growth and hair loss control while Vitamin C prevents premature graying. You will find anemic women suffering from maximum hair fall. Well, that is because of deficiency of iron in their diet.

  • Get some sweat. Thats right, you need to work out as this increases the blood flow through the body that helps in stimulation of the scalp.

  • Hot oil treatments is the best answers to the problem of hair loss. The tradition of oiling the hair has started from ancient India.

  • Cut down on your coffee habit. Caffeine depletes the body of its  natural resources of nutrients, and that includes the  nutrients required for hair. Switch to an alternative to coffee and move on to something more healthy.

  • Stay hydrated with a lot of water

  • Keep the scalp clean and as far as possible away from chemicals. Use a shampoo that is mild. Use a mild shampoo and keep the scalp clean, and as far as possible from chemicals.

  • Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends.


About the Author: Jasmine Bilimoria is a research writer and contributor with Guci Image. Guci Image is a New Jersey-based hair loss treatments and Hair Extensions center, whose worldwide services and technologies are aimed at resolving any kind of hair loss problems.

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DELIVERING DEMOCRACY LECTURE featuring Forest Whitaker Apr. 24http://urbaneventsaz.com/delivering-democracy-lecture-featuring-forest-whitaker-apr-24/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=delivering-democracy-lecture-featuring-forest-whitaker-apr-24 http://urbaneventsaz.com/delivering-democracy-lecture-featuring-forest-whitaker-apr-24/#comments Tue, 04 Mar 2014 06:25:12 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=11969
Forest Whitaker
DATE April 24, 2014
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church; 1401 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix

The word “democracy” is one of the most recognized, venerated, and misunderstood terms in the English language. Its potential, however, has yet to be fully realized, because it is routinely distorted, misjudged and exploited. In order for American democracy to flourish and expand, its origins, evolution, and potency must be interpreted, discussed, and practiced by everyday people, scholars, and visionaries from various walks of life.

The inaugural ASU Center for the Study of Race and Democracy’s Delivering Democracy lecturer, featuring Academy Award winning actor and decorated humanitarian, Forest Whitaker, will treat the 6th largest city in the United States to a timely and creative discussion of the promise of American Democracy. Whitaker is one of the world’s most accomplished actors, directors, producers and community activists, and when chosen as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, their leading U.S. diplomat stated Forest Whitaker was considered “the perfect choice” because … “He exemplifies compassion in every area of his life, with humility and grace. He does this because it’s the right thing to do” particularly in his work with youth in emerging and expanding democracies. Please do not miss this signature event featuring one of the most celebrated and insightful people of our age.


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Oceans 7 “CURRENCY” Apr. 24http://urbaneventsaz.com/oceans-7-currency-apr-24/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=oceans-7-currency-apr-24 http://urbaneventsaz.com/oceans-7-currency-apr-24/#comments Fri, 04 Apr 2014 03:50:18 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12293 2014032403013963_l


Buy Tickets Here

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Mic Science Apr. 25http://urbaneventsaz.com/mic-science-apr-25/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mic-science-apr-25 http://urbaneventsaz.com/mic-science-apr-25/#comments Tue, 01 Apr 2014 07:23:05 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12270 rsz_1sci5





Arian Nicole

Ansar Yadmeen


and special guests:


DJ One Period spinning conscious hip-hop

18+/drinks with ID

Dress code: Casual

Cover: $7, $10 for couples

Seay’s Place
Chicago style eatary: $5 Margaritas and Long Island Ice Teas, Chicago style wings and more!!

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STAND UP LIVE “Gary Owen” Apr. 25 – 27http://urbaneventsaz.com/stand-up-live-gary-owen-apr-25-27/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=stand-up-live-gary-owen-apr-25-27 http://urbaneventsaz.com/stand-up-live-gary-owen-apr-25-27/#comments Wed, 12 Mar 2014 05:52:13 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12091 AFAAC707-08B7-A2EC-F8DE92A0C4AB1D3B

 Buy Tickets Here

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Seay’s 8th Annual Chocolate Party Apr. 26http://urbaneventsaz.com/seays-8th-annual-chocolate-party-apr-26/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=seays-8th-annual-chocolate-party-apr-26 http://urbaneventsaz.com/seays-8th-annual-chocolate-party-apr-26/#comments Sat, 19 Apr 2014 14:57:45 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=12364 10268540_10152325065583349_6952517736772980489_n

The 8th Annual Chocolate Party, April 26th at SEAY’S! Benefiting the SNC Teacher’s Award Program. Our infamous Chocolate Fountain with Chef Chocolateer, Chocolate beer, wine and people….the best in entertainment from the Valley’s DJ’s, vocalists and dancers. $20 Advance ticket includes a pass thru the SEAY’S Appetizer Buffet…. Tickets on sale starting Friday, April 11th For more info visit www.square-n-compass.com

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Wild Horse Pass “Tommy Davidson and David Alan Grier” Apr. 26http://urbaneventsaz.com/wild-horse-pass-tommy-davidson-and-david-alan-grier-apr-26/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=wild-horse-pass-tommy-davidson-and-david-alan-grier-apr-26 http://urbaneventsaz.com/wild-horse-pass-tommy-davidson-and-david-alan-grier-apr-26/#comments Sat, 04 Jan 2014 18:16:37 +0000 http://urbaneventsaz.com/?p=11567
Buy Tickets Here

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