Dinner: Blue Water Grill

After about a month on the Island, we finally decided to have dinner at the Blue Water Grill. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect friday evening. The Blue Water Grill is located right on the beach adjacent to the Sunbreeze Hotel. There was a beautiful breeze in the air, and the moon was shinning perfectly on the ocean waves.

Once we entered the Blue Water Grill, we noticed a calming environment. It seemed different from your usual bar and grill. To be honest,  on this particular night, we prepared for a laid back evening, so the scene was perfect.

Tami ordered a Pinot Grigio and I ordered a lighthouse beer for starters. Our appetizer consist of a small rib platter. Wow! We were really surprised how incredibly tender the ribs were. The ribs were sweet with a spicy taste topped with chopped chives. The ribs were so fulfilling, we agreed this dish should’ve be a main course on the menu instead of an appetizer.

Blue Water Grill

Since Tami is a seafood lover she chosed the Grouper dish. The seasoning and flavor of the fish, combined with the salad was a great combination. The wild rice, sweet corn, edamame and mushroom succotash was a perfect complement with this type of dish.

Although chicken breast is not my favorite part of  the chicken, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. So I ordered the Herb roasted chicken breast. Actually the chicken breast was very tender than most I’ve had. It was also stuffed with portobello mushrooms and quinoa. I admit, I can be critical at times, but this was a decent dish. Not too bad!

Overall this was a nice relaxing evening with a beautiful scenery of the ocean. A cool spot if you just want to chill and take in the Island night scene.