Black Man Power Symposium June 10

The Black Men Power Symposium is part of Black Wall Street Arizona’s leadership symposia series designed to enhance Black Businesses and Leadership in our communities. The Symposium theme this year is “The State of Black Men In Arizona.”
BWSAZ and its members are asking you to come and celebrate the opportunities and discuss the challenges of Black African-American men and their culture. Students will attend sessions designed to address community-related issues and create a plan of action to address these issues. Additionally, attending this event will open up doors to network with others across the great State of Arizona. For more information please contact our office at info@blackwallstreetphx,org or by calling 602.875.6813.

The mission of BWSAZ POWER SERIES is to provide a forum that will present practical strategies, techniques and solutions through the presentation of interactive workshops, presenters, best practices and resources that will assist attendees in developing realistic models and concrete recommendations they can put into practice in their respective communities. The Symposium serves as a place for finding models of solution and not just a forum for pontification or “drive- by-conversation.”

The Symposium becomes a place for transformative action and communication where young men and their older counterparts can share intellectual, emotional, spiritual and cultural opportunities for growth and development that will improve the quality of life for Black males, their families and their communities.