Black Excellence Gala  Feb. 16

Black Excellence Gala Feb. 16

Experience Afro-Centric Beauty
1st Annual Black Excellence Gala

Causes: Legacy Art Foundation

Establish the Legacy Art Foundation: Helping to mentor and provide assistance to disadvantaged urban youth and adults pursuing Music,Art and Fashion

Dress Code: All Black or African Attire

Ankara Fashion
International Designer(South Africa)
Award Ceremony

Join us on an historical journey of our Ancestors liberating movements, inventions and the pride of a people as we bridge the gap of the diaspora thru the experience of Black Excellence

Take a seat at the table of unity as we pay tribute in our 1st Black History ceremony honoring AZ entrepreneurs

Pan-Africanism is the key to economic empowerment with the concept; Buy Black with inclusion aiming for the same agenda and purpose of improving our communities in America and abroad

Perserverance,Resilience,Innovation,Endurance,Pride,Tradition,Family,Peace,Love and Power are connections to a strong knowledge of self and African heritage

Celebrating the diaspora of Black Excellence is an honor in itself. As I learn more about the contributions of African American history and discovery of Africa’s global influence and culture. I can’t even describe the surge of pride that runs thru my vains of such a strong, rich, beautiful and culturally diverse people

History seen thru the eyes of a female warrior and visionary

One Tribe